PAX Prime Fun!

  • Hi Guys! (and Gals),

    I just wanted to put up a post about my experience at PAX Prime this year and your both. I haven’t heard about your game until I played it at PAX and I was really blown away with how fun it was. I’m not a huge arena/e-sports kind of gamer, but this one really hooked me. The customizing of the ship looks AWESOME and I loved how it controlled. It really reminded me of Super Stardust HD on the PS3, but a with vs. instead of co-op. I talked with two of you at the both and I loved the ideas you had with the different game modes in the future. I’m really looking forward to playing it more!

  • developer

    Thanks so much for coming by the booth. We had a blast with everyone at PAX and we can’t wait to get people playing the game with us and helping us shape the game from now until launch!

  • developer

    Glad to hear you liked the game! Had a blast showing it off to everyone at pax. Sad to see it come to an end. Looking forward to testing the game with you and making new changes!

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