More HUD features?

  • Here are several suggestions:

    1. minimap, maps out the general position of the obstacles;
    2. “hit” indicator should be more obvious (right now, I can’t really tell whether the enemy had nit me or not, and have to check my health bar to be certain);
    3. collision animation when run into obstacles, since the collision deals damage, a more obvious animation will help identify the “random” health lost.
      That’s it for now XD

  • developer

    1. Do you mean the turrets?
    2. Maybe we need some sort of edge of screen effect when being hit?
    3. Edge effect could also cover this as well, but maybe not. Maybe we need sparks/rock/etc.

    1. turrets and the meteoroids, since both do damage, I should be able to plan my route and strategically maneuver between them.
    2. both turret bullets and ship bullets will need to be more obvious, yes edge of screen effect will fix that!
    3. edge of screen, and I like the idea of spark/rocks/whatever!

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