Onslaught Arena Generation Preview

  • developer

    Hey everyone!

    We thought we’d give you all a quick look at what we’re brewing up for our next game mode. We’re taking our favourite parts of CTF, reversing the objective, and turning it into an offensive game. Below are two shots of what an arena can look like in this mode (complete with programmer art).



  • Looks cool, here’s some thoughts.

    Seems like the map is gigantic, so added portal effects would be nice. Send ships into the enemy base, although can only allow one ship at a time and maxes out and goes into cool down after a few ships (eliminate warbug swarm).

    Suggest that turrets in each side will only attack enemy ships, although with reduced range and dmg. The turrets in the center will be the same in aggro, range and dmg.

    If i’m not mistaken, then the objective is to destroy the round planet things. I suggest to have them in the same spot every game, instead of random positioning, for better strategy planning.


  • developer

    Hey Harley,
    It’s awesome to see that you are putting so much thought into this!

    The main objective of this mode is to pickup a bomb that spawns in the center of the map and plant it on each of the opposing team’s control points (the spheres). After the bomb has been planted, the defending team has x number of seconds to diffuse the bomb before it explodes. Each of the control points also act as spawn points for the owning team (randomly chosen).

    The map is definitely feeling large still, even after shrinking it down. The portals are a great idea and could help shorten the distance from one end to the other. They could add another strategic element to Onslaught, which is exactly what we are looking for. With that said, we are very concerned with keeping the game play feeling quick and chaotic. This is currently an issue with Onslaught as it can feel more like a race to either side of the map.

    The idea for team sided turrets has been brought up in meetings and is something that we are definitely considering adding. Reducing their power could help keep them balanced.

    The bases are randomly placed to prevent players from coming into the game with preset strategies and to keep teams thinking on their feet. The two choke points (aside from the middle one) are also randomly generated.

    Thanks for the ideas, keep 'em coming!

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