Comments and feedback from non-testers based on first impression.

  • So. I have, from early October to today, shown 12 friends who are pretty big into either pc or console gaming Quasar and the got mixed results.

    3 people had shown interest to it and have said to want to become a tester or, in the future, to play this game frequently. They also said that there need to be much improvement on the game, not only on game modes. 2 of them agreed with me that Quasar has the potential to develop a story mode… although this genre has been beaten to death, and back from it, then back into it.

    8 of them was uncertain of the game and want to know more about it before committing. Also, 5 of them had, at some point, said that the game seems a little boring, that there needed more action XD. One specifically stated that only having two skills is waaaaaay too few, also the skills has to definitely must contain some sort of dmg skill. Although, he claims, more skills on consoles might not be as good as if it was on pc (in terms of control).

    Unfortunately, or maybe i should say fortunately, there is one and only one opposing voice here. This kid made a clear no the second I showed him the game play video, and made another disapproving statement when he finished that video. made a wtf look when I told him of the customization approach. Guess he can be disregarded.

    Tell me what you guys think!!

  • developer

    This is awesome Harley! Thanks for doing this!

    We haven’t ruled out story but developing a story mode is a task within itself and a small team like we have here taking on multiplayer is already a full plate, but like I said we aren’t ruling it out.

    I think one of the things the current existing game play video struggles to show is the utter chaos that the game currently creates, and our focus on any new game mode will be to add strategy but not at the expense of that chaos that seems to draw people in.

    More skills is something we’ve definitely talked about internally so its a very real possibility but like you’ve mentioned ensuring the game feels great on both keyboard/mouse and controller is also a priority for us. Not just because we’re releasing on console but because playing this type of game on a PC with a controller is also a possibility and to some the preferred method (guilty of this personally).

    There will definitely be damage focused skills, though the warp as is right now deals damage and deals a fair amount if you’re accurate with it.

    Thanks again for doing that, and I sincerely want to apologize for the lack of testing recently. We’re in the midst of some big changes in our server infrastructure and once those are complete we’ll be back to regular testing.

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