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  • This is a combined form of my ideas and outside suggestions.

    First of all, ships. There are currently three known ship types:

    1. Broad sword:
      Fighter class: Light;
      Pros: Super fast, good at evading attks and chasing down its prey.
      Cons: Low on health; awkwardly weaker than the two other ones in low levels; does’t deal quite enough dmg.

    2. Scarab:
      Fighter class: Medium;
      Pros: Well rounded, all throughout the levels;
      Cons: Doesn’t exceed at anything;
      Comment: actually seems to be one of the best ships to use, since the customization limits are nearly non-existent

    with this one.

    1. Warbug:
      Fighter class: heavy;
      Pros: Tanky, stupidly high dmg at certain level;
      Cons: Slow, which can be solved by carrying lots of engines.
      Comment: really? Wayyyyyy too tanky.

    These ships are actually quite balanced themselves, only if we compare them side by side on default lvl 1 weapons,

    defenses, and engines; disregard skills, that is a different topic. The different “builds” these ships go towards are the

    real problem here.

    My basic theory for a balanced games at all levels that will clearly show the different attributes of each ship, or

    fighter class, and will allow the games to be balanced at all levels is a fairly complicated system, so stay tuned.

    1. Ship Mastery System:
      My idea is to have each ship be on its own lvl, which is actually already a component of the game i believe.

    However, what the current ship lvling system need is to balance the equipment bassed on the current mastery of the ship.

    In addition to the limitation of paying an increasing amount of credits for better equipments, one must reach a certain

    mastery lvl to unlock them. This sounds stupid but is more balanced, trust me. Also, stats of the upgraded weapons will

    gravitate toward the class of each equipment.
    For example purposes:
    mastery system can be defined as: lvl 1-10
    to begin with, each ship’s equipments will have the exact same stats at default.
    As ship reaches lvl 2; nvm lets use a larger increase to signify the difference, lvl 1 to lvl 5.
    lets say that lvl 1 weapon give +10 dmg, lvl 1 armor gives +10 def, lvl 1 engine give +5 spd +5 turn.

    warbug lvl 1 stat: alot of health + 10, some dmg + 10, slow spd +5 +5.
    warbug lvl 5 (only upgrade health) stat: alot of health + (10+7.5[each lvl inc]+(510)=65)(1+0.2[warbug health

    increase bonus]), some dmg + 10+4.5[each lvl inc], slow speed (+5+2[each lvl])(1+.1)spd (+5+2[each lvl])(1+.1)turn.

    Broad sword:
    Broad sword lvl 1 stat: low health + 5, some dmg + 7, slow spd +10 +10.
    Broad sword lvl 5 (only upgrade speed) stat: low health(+5+2[each lvl])*(1+.1) , some dmg +7+7[each lvl inc],

    speed (10+5[each lvl inc]+(54)=35)(1+0.2[spd increase bonus])spd (10+5[each lvl inc]+(54)=35)(1+0.2[spd increase


    Certainly these numbers that I made up wont convince you, but by looking at the curve, I believe you can understand was I

    was coming from. My main point in this was to say that: 1. equipment attributes whould be toned down; 2. each ship will

    give bonus stats to the equipment of its class based on ship mastery.

    Now on Skills.

    More, make it as chaotic as it possibly can.

    1. make the effects fancier and more dramatic;
    2. dmg skills, dmg skills, dmg skills;

    Move on…

    Now buffs.

    In game buffs in Quasar always intrigued me. Mainly because, after a few games the friend I normally test with and I have

    realized the extraordinary power the buffs give to the player that got it. To the point where, if you get the buff, you

    have a very high chance of killing the enemy. This “flaw” gave me thoughts on how they can work.

    1. Each buff will have its own defects that will begin from the point a player obtains it and will wear off in time;
    2. The buff grows stronger the longer a player possesses it;
    3. Killing the buffed player will cause a random buff drop, instead of just the heal buff drop we have now;
    4. If a player was not buffed, they will also drop random buffs instead of just heal;
    5. Buffs should be weaker and should spawn faster.


    1. speed buffs will reduce dmg for a short time after getting it;
    2. heal buff will reduce spd for a short time; (say if the buff lats 30 secs, the defect will last 5-10 secs)
    3. atk spd buff will reduce armor for a short time.

    Thats is all I can think of as of now, please tell me what you think is possible, what is dumb, what may actually work,

    that my math was terrible etc. etc.

  • developer

    Wow! A lot of thought has gone into this and that is simply amazing.

    Ship mastery this is an intriguing idea. I’m not sure we’re fully prepared to jump into this just yet but by no means think its a bad idea.

    We’ve still got a lot of balancing work to do between now and release and once we get more people testing that will hopefully give us the data we need in order to give it the love it needs. Even then I can see it being an on going thing even after launch.

    Regarding skills hell yes to more dramatic and fancier effects. What kind of damage skills did you have in mind? We’ve thought of some like a black hole skill. There could be one that when activated it sends out a salvo of heat seeking missiles. We’d love to hear your ideas for skills though!

    I’m glad you called the buffs or power ups a “flaw” with quotes :)

    I think one of the things we need to improve is our messaging to players that one is about to spawn. The intention is to get people fighting over them because of the power they provide to the player picking them up.

    Players dropping something other than health when dying is something we should toy with, so you’ll definitely see that in a future patch.

    This entire post is just awesome Harley. Its humbling the amount of time you spent thinking of all of this, and we can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm!

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