Ideas on fleshing out the quasar story

  • One of my favourite games is called “pew pew”. It is available on Android and ios. It is also a top down shooter, but goes the traditional pvc shooters. The modes in that game are amz8 ng and i thought those may be great additions to quasar. There are several modes that may be great to be made into team battles against the computer. Although there are a good amount of touho, quasar may benefit from it and to create a series of oline campaigns in which people can team up and beat the system…

  • developer

    Hey Harley,

    As always I love that you sit and think about these things. It’s awesome!

    We definitely intend to include AI in the game so that people can practice and hone their skills against them, but a story mode may be out of our reach. There’s so much left to do with Quasar to make it into the game we’ve dreamed of without even beginning to think about something like a story or co-op mode. I unfortunately don’t see it happening at this time, but who knows?

    With that said I think some sort of back story is still important to the universe we’re creating here, and its something we’re slowly working away at.

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